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BMW Tinting In Canada, Ontario, legal tint on the two front windows can be installed at 35% (percent) and on all other ones-as dark as 5% (limo tint). A driver must have a clear view out of the front windshield. A police officer must have a clear view inside the vehicle from outside. Some times you can get pulled over by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), because of the dark tint of your motor vehicle. You might not be seen from the outside and can be fined by an officer. If you do get a ticket - go fight for it at the court. The court will reduce your fine give you provide pictures of your tint (preferrably during day time so the interior can be seen). If you have any further questions or concerns about tint, please feel free to send us an email: tintingtoronto@gmail.com. Keep it safe and legal.

How to choose the right tint for your motor vehicles. It's important to get your vehicle tinted ones and have no problems with it in the future. Pay a bit more for a good tint and get life time warranty with it. Some tints look much alike, but there is a big difference in them. Most tinters, get cheap tint and post advertisement on the internet or forums as a promotion: "its cheap, get it now". What they usually do is, get a cheap tint film and say: "the tint that we use is a high quality tint". There is no way of getting a high quality tint and installing it for cheaper than it costs. Sometimes tinters can give you a life time warranty, sometimes not. It is your responsibility to check if they are registered in Ontario. It's better to do tint with those who specialize in tint and no other work. Choose the right company to tint your motor vehicles and other (office/house). Thank you for visiting Tinting Toronto website, we hope we answered all of your questions, and if not, please feel free to send us an email. You can write us your own questions and we will be happy to answer them. Thank You.

If you choose our service to install tint for you, we will provide you with as much information as possible, to meet your standards and desired quality. Our lifetime program for the tint is: if we do your tint and you will have some problems with it in the future we will remove it and replace it with no charge at all.